27 October 2022

Paying back to Joe Biden and the democrats

For the past 2 years, we have seen the worst of the @joebiden administration. The US foreign policy on Ethiopia, Eritrea and the Horn Of Africa has been disastrous. Instead of standing with the legitimate government of Ethiopia and its people,  the Biden administration has willingly chosen to stand with #TPLFTerroristGroup which is a great error of judgment.

From Secretary Blinken to USAID administrator Samantha Power and all in the Biden circle, they all try to put as much pressure as possible on Ethiopia to hinder Ethiopia’s march towards growth and development. They want to stop Ethiopia from addressing its challenges on its own. They want to see Ethiopia fail. This is unacceptable and needs democratic and peaceful struggle.

Ethiopians across the world have made it clear that they want the US administration to back off and leave Ethiopia alone. We still see the Biden administration being hell bent on distracting Ethiopia from its journeys. We ask, ‘ why do this’? This cannot continue and there should be a concerted effort by Ethiopian/Eritrean-Americans to stop this madness of the Biden administration..

Ethiopian/Eritrean-Americans should organise across the United States and actively participate in the forthcoming midterm US elections and show their power through ballot box. We need to repeat the win in Virginia in many swing states and show the Biden administration our strengths. We need to vote the democrats out and give them a lesson. That way we can pay back to Joe Biden and his administration.

For us Ethiopia matters a lot. If the Biden administration wants to work with Ethiopia constructively and in our best interests, then they are welcome. In the meantime those in the US with rights to vote should do so and show their voting power. And those across the world should re-organise, stage vigils and demonstrations outside American embassies and voice their concerns peacefully.

It is time to step in. We cannot be bystanders when it comes to our homeland. 

That is why it is vital to take the endorsement of The American-Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee (AEPAC) endorsement for the midterm election very seriously.

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