10 October 2022

Those who feed you, control you!


Ethiopia’s current wheat production is beyond the expectations of many. A country as big as Ethiopia; a country with large fertile lands as Ethiopia; a country with more than 80% of its population dependent on farming; a country with more than 110 million people of which around 65% are less than 30 years of age should have been self sufficient when it comes to the production of wheat and other agricultural products. Poor policies, bad governance, absence of sustainable peace, intermittent drought are among  the reasons for the low productivity so far.

That is no more the case as Ethiopia has now reshaped its policies and got determined to be among the top wheat producers in Africa and the world. According to the US Department of Agriculture, ‘Wheat production in Ethiopia for 2022/23 is projected at a record level of 5.7 million Metric Tons while corn forecasted to 10.2 million Metric Tons.’ About 600,000 additional hectares of wheat planted in 2022 alone, according to Bloomberg. This is praiseworthy and worth celebrating.

This is a great achievement for Ethiopia and highly commendable. We say well done to Ethiopia for great wheat production in every corner of the country. It is believed that there will be enough wheat firstly for Ethiopia; then for export. This is one of the most important policies any government should have. Be self-sufficient!

As Ethiopia takes the lead, it is hoped that other African  countries follow the suit and strive to be self sufficient. This is something to take seriously and duplicate in every corner of the continent.

In the meantime we say Keep going Ethiopia!  Rise up fellow Africans. Time to work together and shape our own destinies.

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