24 March 2017

London my London

London my London  
Where I live and shine 
Without being asked 
As to where I come from 
After all it is in London 
Where I'm never alone
So do many others
Who have made London their home
In this great city of ours
The city of cities 
The most beautiful ever
That will never be silent
Rather goes from glory
To another glory
Go on London
Keep shinning
After all you are London,
The most cosmopolitan ever
With people of every nation 
People of every creed
People of every faith 
And of course, that of non-faith 
That we have in this world
All gathered in London 
They never feel alone 
In the city called London
Either in the day or evening 
In the city that never sleeps 
Even if one is a stranger 
One would never feel alone
I'm in Love with this city 
That has welcomed me
Without any hesitation 
Gave me the opportunities 
To rebuild my life again 
London my city and home
My adorable London 
Keep shining my city 
After all you are London 
The city of cities 
The best city ever
The beacon of my hopes, 
Beacon of my liberty, 
My freedom and humanity.

Bekele Woyecha
London, March 23rd 2017

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