6 June 2017

Avoid apathy. Get out and vote!

United Kingdom goes to polls on June 8. This snap election was called by British Prime Minister Theresa May. It seems that she wanted to have a stronger mandate before the Brexit negotiations. Many people call this election – Election for Hard/Soft Brexit. But it will have impact on many beyond Brexit negotiations. That is why there is a need to vote. The ball is now in the hands of the British public.

Apathy to participate in local democracy is not the way forward. If we want to see changes happen in Britain; if we want to see our voices heard; if we also want to see strong civil societies that can hold the state and the market to account; then it is important to get out and vote. It is important to remember that change does not come on its own. Change needs hard work and we all have our bits to contribute; or change remains a dream! 

Worthwhile to remember that many people around the world die to get the right to vote. Many others suffer in the hands of brutal dictators, like Assad, and their agents because they want to have a say in their countries’ affairs. Yet in democratic countries like Britain, there are many who do not exercise this privilege. Some even think their votes wouldn’t make a difference and hence do not care voting. We still see same people complaining about the government in power or even about the opposition. We may not like politics but our lives are affected by politics. Hence there is a need to engage actively in local democracy and vote for what matters for us. If we don’t engage locally and use our democratic rights, we must accept what others have voted for. By the end of the day, the voice of the majority rules even if we do not agree.

Avoid apathy and get out and vote! Your Vote is Your Voice! We may not get what we vote for, but it is our chance to exercise our democratic rights.  June 8 is the day!

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