11 December 2022

If you want to see change, be the change!


We often want to see others speak like us, behave like us, think like us and do everything like us. That’s where we get it wrong.


We should remember that we all have our own unique nature and personal gifts. Each of us are unique and different. Yet we have many things in common. Many things to agree or disagree based on how we process what we see, hear, and in general sense.


The question often unasked and that remains unanswered is ‘how often do you do proper research and subsequent actions on your mental faculties?’


It is vital to step back and reflect on self. Vital to see:-


📍 The importance of working on your mental faculties and the need to focus on the person you want to be.

📍 The importance of getting into the habit of doing it now. Today is the day.

📍 The importance of trusting yourself, believing in your capacity, working on your challenges, and keeping up on your great accomplishments. .

📍 The importance of stretching. Do not be limited by what you see or think. Take time to reimagine.

📍 The importance of Discipline – which needs a due attention. Discipline matters most. 


Hence it is always important to have time to reflect, evaluate and be honest to yourself before taking actions. Even if you don’t want to act, you  need to have convincing reasons as you don’t want to regret your inactions at some point in time.


The bottom line is that you have to revisit your mental facilities and take actions on each of them as and when needed. Go into the habit of taking actions if you are keen to see changes/reactions. Through the process you empower yourself and consequently help others empower themselves.


#leadership #Mindset 


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