Thursday, 3 September 2009


A Dinner party to commemorate Ms. Birtukan Midekssa, leader of the main opposition party in Ethiopia and other prisoners of conscience took place in London on Sunday 23 August 2009. The event was organised by civic groups and prominent Ethiopian human rights activisits in the United Kingdom. It was a wonderful opportunity to show solidarity to those imprisoned in Ethiopia because of their efforts to exercise their God given human rights. The renowned Ethiopian artist Shambel Belayneh and other artists enlightened the event with live music. The event was well organised and once again showed Ethiopians’ and friends of Ethiopia united for basic human rights, good governance and democracy in Ethiopia, which are only dreams under the current tyrannical regime. Please have a look into the folowing link for more details:

ዛሬን በጎ ነገር ሰርተን ነገን እንገንባ

መቃወምም   ሆነ   መደገፍ   መብት   ነው።   በውሸት   ዜና   ለማትረፍ   መሞከር   ግን አስነዋሪ   ነው። ባለፉት 6 ወራት ብዙ የሚባሉ ሸጋ ክንዋኔዎች የተከናወኑ ቢሆንም በተጓዳኝም ጥቂ...