20 October 2015


You flee your home country,
so as to seek sanctuary,
then you reach the host country.
you are either detained or dispersed,
lucky you if dispersed,
very unlucky if detained.
If you are the one who is dispersed,
you live in accommodation that is shared,
expected to integrate,
with people of your type,
from different walks of life,
background, language, culture,
religion and even common sense.
You may worry or the reverse,
about the cleanliness of the kitchen,
the bathroom and the toilet,
which you are meant to share.
Confused how to locate
the one stop shop that is nearest,
the office where you should report.
You are neither the boss nor the servant,
accept what life has brought.
And await for what tomorrow holds.
If you are the one who is detained,
you are by now who has despaired,
Still suffering from the trauma you faced.
Confused about the present,
And unsure of the future.
Forced to live in contemplation,
as you have to see life’s other version.
Believe that it is your destiny,
that takes you from country to country.
But have the faith and the strength,
as you await for better days.
Never despair, pursue the fight,
you need to be an optimist,
who has patience to see that day,
when you could speak loudly.

Written in April 2006

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