6 March 2016

You are who you are

Minutes after seconds
Hours after minutes
Days after hours
Months after days
And years after months
They keep coming
And of course going
We notice them or otherwise
They do their routines
As we do ours
Those seconds or minutes
Or the big ones
Make you who you are
As you are who you are
The person you are
And the person others know
To be whom you are
The product of those seconds
And the minutes
The months and years

ሰገጤ ነኝ አለች ፤ እኔም ሰገጤ ነኝ

ሰገጤ ነኝ አለች እኔም ተከተልኳት እሷ ብቻ አይደለች እኔም ሰገጤ ነኝ ስለ ሀገር ማውራቷ ከልብ መታከቷ መጮህ መጨነቋ ኢትዮጵያ ማለቷ አንተን ካበሳጨህ አንቺን ካናደደሽ ...