22 June 2018

Dr. Abiy, the change agent Ethiopia needs.

Dr. Abiy Ahmed brings changes to Ethiopia. He needs our support. 

The past few months have seen unprecedented but long sought changes in Ethiopia. It is all due to the new Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed who has exceeded expectations, took all by surprise and brought many on board. He has proved his doubters wrong and showed that Ethiopia is a country that only needs a leadership that can listen to the aspirations of its fellow citizens. He has showed that it only takes an honest will, courage, sheer determination and hard work to change the course. 

Yes, Ethiopia is on course thanks to this great son of ours, the people working with him and of course the change aspiring Ethiopians. These changes are the results of blood, sweat and tears (borrowing words from Churchill) of our sisters, brothers and kids. This is a once in a life time opportunity and hence it takes us all to be on the wheel of change, sustain and defend it. We cannot afford to lose this opportunity. We can, however, help Ethiopia become a successful and strong country by standing in solidarity with Dr. Abiy and his team. We need to be hand in hand and give it our utmost. High time to be in a journey together and contribute our bits. It is only us who can change the course forever and come out victorious. This is a challenge set for all freedom loving citizens. Called for action; action that should happen now.  If it is not now, then when? If it is not us, then who? 

Ethiopia on transition. 
One Love; One Ethiopia!


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