14 April 2021

GERD - Get it done no matter what!

As Ethiopia prepares for the filling of its most important dam, we have seen anger in some quarters in Egypt, which could be either intentional to create tension or total ignorance of the situation. Whatever the challenge, Ethiopia has to get its Dam done. 

If the origin of the Nile was Egypt, then Egypt might find a tap to stop the flow of Nile Waters. Fortunately that is not the case. To think as if the source of the Nile to be Egypt is disingenuous.  

No need to be angry at Ethiopia’s flagship project like 2 year old toddlers crying for everything they see. 

Egypt has to come to a negotiating table for a 21st century negotiation. Ethiopia is contributing 85% of the Nile Waters and deserves fair share. We all know Nile waters are more than enough for all. 

Vital to remember that both the 1929 & 1959 agreements are void and unacceptable as far as Ethiopia was concerned. Ethiopia is not a signatory to the party. 

Equally vital to stop intentionally ignoring the reality as it is for the benefit of all to come to a mutually acceptable agreement. It is not time for one side wins all and others remain bystanders. 

After all it is about Mutual Benefits, Reciprocity, and Sovereign Equality. This is 21st century, where we are interdependent on one-another and should cooperate; but that cooperation should be mutually sought based on mutual interests. 

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