18 June 2023

Compassion is what matters most – the time is now


As our TV screens, newspapers and social media outlets bring more and more atrocious news about the worsening refugee crisis, fellow humans drowning in oceans, seas, and channels, there is a natural call for us to do the decent thing. All we need is compassion and avail more and more safe routes. All we need is to question why this is happening and how we can support fellow humans.  After all these people are the most vulnerable in our collective human family and deserve our love, empathy, and care as they have already been through lots of hardships.

The desperation of people on the move and their travels through extremely perilous situations is a stark reminder that people will take any risk to go out of the situation they are in unless we have safe and legal routes to help them. One of my  friends often says, “You won’t leave home unless home has the mouth of a shark.” People take risks than falling into the mouths of sharks. People run away to go into the unknown over the known danger. It is very natural to run for safety. Because hope is what almost everybody has. Hoping for better days and life despite all the challenges and sufferings of the day and on the way.

I have read and heard many good initiatives and ideas on what could and should be done to address the crisis. The need for being proactive and collaborative. The need for addressing our collective human responsibilities and moral obligations in the sense of urgency and with more plans in the long run. As someone who has travelled a lot across the United Kingdom and around the world, I know that there are many great people in this country and globally who are doing everything possible to support fellow humans. I know many people who are on the right side of history. I wholeheartedly believe the good outweighs the challenges.

It is time to rethink. Time to revisit our systems. Time to check as to when all the safe and legal routes would be open to those who need them most. How we can widen the welcome and meet expectations. How can we  make sure people seeking protection are given the protection they deserve? How can we make sure those stuck in the immigration system are properly dealt with and compassionately? In short how can we make the system fit for purpose and more compassionate?

As we celebrate Refugee Week 2023, I want to join many others in  calling for more compassion and positive actions. I want us to find ways to bring wider civil society, businesses, and others on board so that we all contribute to the Refugees Welcome work. To make the  Community Sponsorship of Refugees scheme more accessible and attractive to existing and potential  community sponsors by introducing a system that is more appealing and addressing many good interests. The time is now to have a compassionate approach to the worsening crises. More deeds than words!

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