4 December 2023

Congrats to TELCO - Organising as the work of Head, Hands and Heart!


On 29th November TELCO, Citizen UK’s oldest chapter celebrated its belated 25th anniversary in the presence of 1129 community leaders that came from 89 institutions from across East London.  The anniversary showcased stories, music, reflection and above all a great sense of togetherness. What stood out for me was the leadership development since it last celebrated its anniversary. New, diversified and energetic leaders taking charge and running the assembly and celebration with grace and power.

The TELCO anniversary reflected on the origins of the Living Wage campaign;  its growth ever since and why we should keep pushing boundaries to get as many organisations as possible and encourage them to pay the Real Living Wage. It also showed the stories of the citizens for sanctuary campaign, especially that of strangers into citizens campaign and why Citizens UK is still working round the clock to see an immigration system that can deliver welcome.

In short, what the assembly showed was what Marshall Ganz puts organising to be. Ganz often says,  “through organising, you develop leaders, you build organisations, and you also solve problems.”

TELCO, through its organising has achieved all what Ganz and other great organisers and scholars teach. TELCO has led the way and it is down to the other chapters of Citizens UK across the country to follow suit and keep the good fight going.

Once again, congrats to TELCO. Please keep sharing the good and inspirational stories of the many good fights TECLO and Citizens UK have fought over the past 3 decades to inspire many organisers and community leaders.

Well done to Emmanuel Gotora and team Citizens UK 🙌🏿

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