6 November 2023

Walking with purpose together – Croydon Vision Delivering for us


On Friday the 6th of October, we brought together people from different walks of life for a Gala Dinner to celebrate the 100th anniversary of a historic organisation called Croydon Vision. Yes, a month ago, we were able to organise a flawless Gala Dinner that exceeded expectations by all standards. Reflecting on the Strong Past; rejoicing the Focused Present and laying foundations for an Ambitious Future, we were able to deliver together as Croydon Vision.

As I sit back and reflect on the day,  the days before 6th October, the weeks and months before that very historic moment, there is a lot to be proud of. The feeling of togetherness among the team, both staff and volunteers; the engagement with many friends and allies; the cooperation and partnership with partners and stakeholders, was all something to be proud of as a strong Croydon community.

When I first had conversation about the Gala Dinner with Susanette Mansour, the CEO of Croydon Vision, all I was thinking was how best we could deliver the event and excel together. How I could lead the preparation for a great celebration. The stories, testimonies, music, videos, food and business in an engaging way. After all, it was the celebration of 100 years together that needed our utmost attention as a team. It was celebration of the many good things that have happened over the past 100 years. The many wonderful leaders both staff and volunteers that contributed their level best over the past 100 years and those who have stepped in now to lead this organisation which is delivering for Croydon.

As we reflect on that wonderful day of celebrations with pride,  all we are thinking is how best we could take this small, but ambitious organisation to the next level. The organisation has a very bold plan that can transform lives of many. It is led by a very visionary CEO, who is walking with purpose to leave a long-lasting legacy. It has a team willing to push boundaries and deliver. All the organisation needs is to have a few good partners with vision and clear purpose to transform the lives of not only those coming to Croydon Vision, but also the lives of partners. Businesses and organisations with great social corporate responsibilities should use the opportunities at Croydon Vision to deliver their responsibilities and discharge themselves responsibly. Croydon Vision should raise £7.5M to deliver its ambitious plans;  and it is time for businesses to step in and deliver together.

Here is the message from Susanette Mansour, the CEO of Croydon Vision, which can help partners to have a clear understanding of what Croydon Vision aspires to achieve. Time to step in and deliver for Croydon’s blind and Visually Impaired community.

Together for a better Croydon and beyond.


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