2 July 2023

Memorial Assembly for Neil Jameson - that is what he would have loved us to do!

In over 30 years of community organising, Neil Jameson organised and oversaw many assemblies. He enjoyed the drama, the razzmatazz, the stories, the leadership development and everything else assemblies can offer. He wasn’t often in the spotlight, rather working behind the curtains.

On Friday 30th June 2023 family, friends and colleagues gathered for Neil Jameson Memorial Assembly, which was fitting, beautiful and well organised. Assembly in the way Citizens UK has done it over decades. Co-chairs along with a timekeeper (grand child of Neil) with a bell, running the assembly in the normal Citizens way. Testimonies by inter-generational community leaders, music by different choirs among which are primary school students from St. Anthony’s Catholic Prime School. Moving and deeply relatable music entitled ‘ Something Inside So Strong’, ‘Bread and Roses’, ‘Forever Young’, and ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight?’

Whether it was a solo music moment or mass choir involving everyone, it was deeply moving and connecting. It is undoubtedly clear that a lot has been put into organising the event to make it flawless.

In between everything else during the memorial assembly, we had reflections by veteran community leaders about the many achievements of Neil, from Living Wage to Refugees Welcome, Importance of local institutions to housing, and all the humour and mischief of Neil to get business done. Getting what you want in an organised and convincing way.

The following video is great if you missed the event,


For Neil, assemblies had great place deep in his heart. That is what I for sure know as I have been with him in many assemblies and major actions both in the UK and abroad. Hence having an assembly for  Neil’s memorial is the best gift someone can give. Thanking all involved in organising such a great assembly. You made it in an organised way.

Taken for memorial book

Something Inside So Strong

The higher you build your barriers

The taller I become.

The further you take my rights away

The faster I will run.

You can deny me,

You can decide to turn your face away.

No matter cause there’s

More on the memorial with additional link to photos by Chris Jepson below.



Lots of great reactions from colleagues, friends, family and all who knew Neil and his remarkable achievements. Here are a few of them.



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