26 February 2019

My hopes for Ethiopia give me courage

The past 10 months have been extraordinary for Ethiopia and Ethiopians around the world. The changes in Ethiopia have exceeded expectations. Groups and individuals labelled as terrorists by the TPLF led clique are now functioning freely in Ethiopia.  Journalists, bloggers, political activists and human rights campaigners are free. Thousands of political prisoners have been released. Thousands of Ethiopians diaspora members have returned home and reunited with their loved ones. Lots of encouraging stuff have happened. These give me hope and I remain hopeful.

We cannot, however, deny the challenges the new administration has been faced with. But I also know, and many others as well know, that Rome was not built in a day. Democratic culture cannot be built over night. It takes time and needs our patience and perseverance. This culture cannot also be built by a few political elites. It needs the active participation of the majority. We cannot win by being onlookers. We cannot win by being blockers. We cannot win by only having a good will. We can only win when we roll our sleeves and do the right thing practically. We need to act. Action will bring a reaction.

In the meantime, I remain hopeful that the changes in Ethiopia will last long and meet the expectations of the majority. I also remain hopeful many engage practically and help Ethiopia succeed. After all, life is too short, and we cannot afford to lose the once in a life time opportunity we have at hand. Hence, I remain hopeful that Dr. Abiy and his team deliver on their promise. I also remain hopeful that the main opposition parties deliver what is expected of them and help Ethiopia go into a new era.

Going into the Era of Hope together.

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